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New platform: Moite Smetki - manage all your bank accounts from 1 platform

In short

The Bulgarian financial portal launched the "Moite smetki" service. "Moite smetki" is an open banking based functionality powered by IRIS Solutions that enables all personal and business bank accounts to be monitored and managed in one place. Thus, the clients of the platform will be able to manage their finances more flexibly and efficiently, improving their financial literacy and health.

"Moite smetki" gives you:

One platform for ∞ accounts

Users manage all their accounts from one platform, accessible from any device, for an unlimited number of accounts for an unlimited period of time.

Free service usage

"Moite smetki" service is completely free, with no user fees for support or adding accounts.

Financial data visible only to users

The platform's data is accessible only to its users and is not stored on it

Deyan Vasilev, CEO of, said: " "Moite smetki" is changing the way we manage our personal and business accounts - quickly, easily, and all in one place. With the platform, we provide full visibility into our clients' asset movements, turning "Moite smetki" into a secure daily assistant. We're delighted to have successfully implemented the project with IRIS Solutions, once again placing our customers and their needs at the forefront.

Galya Dimitrova, CEO of IRIS Solutions, stated: "We are thrilled to have brought to life the 'Moite smetki' platform, which we strongly believe will contribute to solidifying Moite pari's leading position in our market. Simultaneously, 'Moite smetki' stands as compelling evidence of the boundless opportunities that Open Banking offers."


IRIS Solutions is a payment institution licensed by the BNB. According to the granted license, the company can provide payment services under Art. 4, items 7 and 8 of the ZPUPS – payment initiation services and account information provision services. It holds a European Payment Service Provider (PSP) license in accordance with the Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2).

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